Impala Query Status

Lists the query statuses for workloads that use Apache Impala. You can find the status of your query on either the Summary page in the Trend widget or on the Impala Queries page in the Status list.

Table 1. Impala Query Status
Query Status Description
Analysis Exception These queries failed due to syntax errors or incorrect table or column names.
Authorization Exception These queries failed because the user executing the queries does not have permission to access the data.
Cancelled These queries were cancelled by the system or a user.
Exceeded Memory Limit The amount of memory required to execute these queries exceed the allocated memory limit.
Failed - Any Reason The queries that failed for any reason are listed here.
Other Failures These queries failed for other unclassified reasons.
Rejected from Pool These queries failed because there are too many queries already pending in the Impala resource pool.
Session Closed The session was closed by the system or a user for this set of queries.
Succeeded The query succeeded.