Fixed Issues in Flow Management

Review the list of Flow Management issues that are resolved in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.6.

NIFI-7422 and NIFI-7452 - Improvements for Atlas lineage with AWS S3 and Azure ADLS
Support for aws_s3_pseudo_dir and adls_gen2_directory in Atlas reporting task.
NIFI-7436 - Performance improvements on analytics predictions
For a given FieldValue, you can obtain a String of a logical path for that node to the root.
NIFI-7683 and NIFI-7994 - ReplaceText issue
ReplaceText, when scheduled to run with multiple Concurrent Tasks, and using a Replacement Strategy of "Regular Expression" or "Literal Replace" no longer results in content being corrupted due to sharing a single buffer (byte[]) between threads.
NIFI-7707 - Google Cloud PubSub issue
When you generate an avro event from a record and publish it using the PublishPubSub processor, the content-type of the file no longer changes from avro/binary to UTF-8.
NIFI-7968 and NIFI-7954 - Kerberos relogin issues
Support for:
  • PutHDFS and PutParquet processors can use a KeytabCredentialsService.

  • Kerberos ticket renewal.