Edge Flow Manager

This section provides information about what you need to know to start working with Edge Flow Manager (EFM).

Release Notes

The guide presents the major updates, fixed issues, and known issues for this release of EFM. It also provides the EFM repository location for this release.


The guide provides information about steps that you need to perform before you install EFM, steps to install databases for EFM, steps to install EFM, steps to configure it, and then steps to start EFM.


The guide provides information about how to upgrade EFM.

Securing EFM

The guide provides the complete overview of securing Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) software. It helps you to understand the TLS configurations, user authentication through SSO, access control policies, and SSO identity provider setup needed to secure EFM.

Using Agent Parameters

The guide provides scenarios where you can learn how to parameterize the values of processors and service properties in the flow including sensitive properties.

Exporting and Importing Dataflows

The provides details about how to export and import dataflows by using REST API and Swagger.

Integrating with Apache Kafka

The guide helps you to integrate EFM with Apache Kafka and therefore forward agent heartbeats to defined Kafka topics.

Using Asset Push Command

The guide helps you to trigger an asset push command to agents of a particular agent class through Swagger UI.

Encrypting Sensitive Properties

The guide teaches you how to encrypt sensitive properties present in the configuration file of EFM.

Using Separate Ports in EFM

The guide helps you to enable EFM to listen to separate ports for UI and C2 type of requests.

Deploying an EFM Cluster

The guide describes how to deploy an EFM cluster and the requirements to do so.

Setting up Application Logging

The guide presents information about application logging in CEM, the supported logging output, the log types, the log retention policies, and the logging configurations.

Managing Agent Manifest Resolution

The guide helps you to understand the manifest of an agent, which is its full and detailed list of capabilities. A manifest includes all extension components, including processors and controller services, and how they are configured.

Fine-tuning Bulk Operation Processing

The guide helps you to understand how to configure the Edge Flow Manager (EFM) best for bulk operation updates.