Exporting and importing dataflows using EFM UI

Learn how to export and import dataflows using the Edge Flow Manager (EFM) UI in Cloudera Edge Management (CEM).

When you export an existing flow, it is stored as a JSON file that contains all details about your flow such as process groups, processors, input/output ports, connections, related parameter context, and agent manifest. If the Export Flow menu is not available, make sure that your user has Viewer, Designer, Operator, or Admin role.

When you import a flow, it overwrites the agent manifest. If the Import Flow menu is not available, make sure that your user has Designer role for your target agent class or Admin role.

Follow the below steps to perform flow import or export.

  1. Click Monitor in the left navigation panel to open the Dashboard.
  2. Open Agent Class Details and click Actions.
  3. Click Import Flow or Export Flow as per your requirement.

    When exporting a dataflow, the download will start after you click Export flow, saving the flow on your machine in JSON format.

    When importing a flow, proceed to the next step.

  4. Select a flow file from your local machine and click Import.
  5. Reload the page and start working on the imported flow.

    The same export/import action can be completed from the Designer view.