Installing Cloudera Edge Management on CDP Private Cloud Base

Before you start installing Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) on a CDP Private Cloud cluster, it is helpful to understand the steps of the installation process.

The CEM installation workflow consists of preparing your CDP Private Cloud Base cluster and then installing Edge Flow Management (EFM) on the Base cluster.

Installing EFM on your Base cluster is a simplified deployment during which you create only one cluster. You can use this set-up if you are implementing trial deployments or in simple production scenarios.

A Base cluster is a large cluster that contains SDX services like Ranger and Atlas, along with compute and storage services like Edge Flow Management, Impala, and Hive. It is sometimes called a Regular cluster in Cloudera Manager. Additional synonymous terms are SDX cluster, Shared cluster, or Data Lake cluster.

After a successful installation on your Base cluster, your Edge Flow Management cluster layout will look similar to the following: