New Features in CDH 6.3.3

This is a maintenance release that fixes some important issues. For details, see Fixed Issues in CDH 6.3.3.

Installation and Upgrade Changes

Installation or Upgrade of Cloudera Manager and CDH requires authentication to access downloads

Beginning with Cloudera Manager and CDH 6.3.3, downloading new versions of these products will require a valid Cloudera Enterprise license file, and/or a username and password obtained from Cloudera. All Cloudera Manager package, CDH parcel and CDH package repositories now require authentication with valid credentials to access any version numbered 6.3.3 or later. For more information on using these credentials, see the documentation below.

Cloudera Express has been discontinued

Beginning with CDH 6.3.3 (and CDP Data Center 7.0), Cloudera Express is no longer available. Upgrades to Cloudera Manager or CDH 6.3.3 and higher are not supported when running Cloudera Express. A valid Cloudera Enterprise or CDP Data Center license must be in place before upgrading to Cloudera Manager 6.3.3 or 7.x or the upgrade will not be completed.

Downgrading from Cloudera Enterprise license to Cloudera Express license is also no longer supported in Cloudera Manager 6.3.3 and higher.

Apache Hive

Database.Table names must be escaped

CDH includes the Hive-16907 bug fix, which rejects `db.table` in SQL queries. A dot (.) is not allowed in table names. You need to change queries that use such references to prevent Hive from interpreting the entire db.table string as the table name: `db`.`tablename`

Apache Kudu

The following are some of the notable new features in this release of Kudu:

Support for EC-based ciphers

Kudu supports EC-based ciphers in the web UI beginning with CDH 6.3.3.

Optimizations and improvements

  • The evaluation of predicates on columns of primitive types and NULL or NOT NULL predicates has been optimized to leverage SIMD instructions.