New Features in Cloudera Navigator 6.1.0

New Cloudera Manager health alerts for Navigator Metadata Server

This release includes new checks for Navigator Metadata Server health. If the checks fail, they trigger a health alert in Cloudera Manager for the Navigator Metadata Server. The checks include "Solr Element Count Threshold" and "Solr Relation Count Threshold". These checks trigger an alert if documents in Navigator Metadata Server's embedded Solr collection are threatening to exceed the maximum allowed number for either the element core or the relation core. Typically, if either of these alerts trigger, Navigator has encountered a problem that produces more relations than it should. The triggers let you know that this problem is occurring while it can be addressed efficiently.

For more information, see Navigator Metadata Server Solr Element Count Threshold Test and Navigator Metadata Server Solr Relation Count Threshold Test.

Console shows column metadata in the table entity

This release includes improvements to the Navigator console, including improvements to the layout and information in the columns list. When you are viewing the detail page for a table or view, columns show inline descriptions and managed properties. A popover menu lets you see additional column metadata. The inline search in the Column box now matches for managed metadata and description text in addition to name and type.

Auto-suggestions in Navigator console search

The Navigator console Search field will now auto-suggest names of entities—tables, views, fields and databases. When you select on of the suggested entities, the console opens the entity details page.

This auto-complete feature also can be used with db.table. field search syntax.