Unsupported Features in CDH 6.3.3

This page lists the unsupported features in CDH 6.3.x. For the complete list of Known Issues and Limitations, see Known Issues and Limitations in CDH 6.3.3.

Apache Hadoop Unsupported Features

The following sections list unsupported features in Hadoop common components:

HDFS Unsupported Features

The following HDFS features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

YARN Unsupported Features

The following YARN features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

  • Application Timeline Server v2 (ATSv2)
  • Cgroup Memory Enforcement
  • Container Resizing
  • Distributed or Centralized Allocation of Opportunistic Containers
  • Distributed Scheduling
  • Docker on YARN (DockerContainerExecutor)
  • Native Services
  • New Aggregated Log File Format
  • Node Labels
  • Pluggable Scheduler Configuration
  • Reservation REST APIs
  • Resource Estimator Service
  • Resource Profiles
  • Rolling Log Aggregation
  • (non-Zookeeper) ResourceManager State Store
  • Shared Cache
  • YARN Federation
  • YARN WebUI v2

Apache HBase Unsupported Features

The following HBase features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:
  • Master hosting meta
  • Cloudera does not provide support for user-provided custom coprocessors of any kind.
  • Server-side encryption of HFiles. You should configure HDFS client-side encryption.
  • In-memory compaction
  • Visibility labels
  • Stripe compaction
  • Clients setting priority on operations
  • Specifying a custom asynchronous connection implementation
  • Client tarball
  • Rolling upgrade from CDH 5 HBase versions

Apache Hive Unsupported Features

The following Hive features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

  • AccumuloStorageHandler (HIVE-7068)
  • ACID (HIVE-5317)
  • Built-in version() function is not supported (CDH-40979)
  • Cost-based Optimizer (CBO) and gathering column statistics required by CBO
  • Explicit Table Locking
  • HCatalog - HBase plugin
  • Hive Authorization (Instead, use Apache Sentry.)
  • Hive on Apache Tez
  • Hive Local Mode Execution

  • Hive Metastore - Derby
  • Hive Web Interface (HWI)
  • HiveServer1 / JDBC 1
  • HiveServer2 Dynamic Service Discovery (HS2 HA) (HIVE-8376)
  • HiveServer2 - HTTP Mode (Use THRIFT mode.)
  • HPL/SQL (HIVE-11055)
  • LLAP (Live Long and Process framework)
  • Scalable Dynamic Partitioning and Bucketing Optimization (HIVE-6455)
  • Session-level Temporary Tables (HIVE-7090)
  • Table Replication Across HCatalog Instances (HIVE-7341)
  • TRUNCATE TABLE on external tables (causes Error: org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException)

Apache Kafka Unsupported Features

The following Kafka features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

  • CDK Powered by Apache Kafka supports Java based clients only. Clients developed with C, C++, Python, .NET and other languages are currently not supported.
  • Kafka Connect is included in CDH 6.3.x, but is not supported. Flume and Sqoop are proven solutions for batch and real time data loading that complement Kafka's message broker capability. See Flafka: Apache Flume Meets Apache Kafka for Event Processing for more information.
  • The Kafka default authorizer is included in CDH 6.3.x, but is not supported. This includes setting ACLs and all related APIs, broker functionality, and command-line tools.

Apache Oozie Unsupported Features

The following Oozie feature is not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

  • Conditional coordinator input logic.

Cloudera does not support Derby database to use with Oozie. You can use it for testing or debugging purposes, but Cloudera does not recommend using it in production environments.

Apache Pig Unsupported Features

The following Pig features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

Cloudera Search Unsupported Features

The following Search features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

Apache Sentry Unsupported Features

The following Sentry features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

  • Import and export of Sentry metadata to and from Sentry servers
  • Sentry shell command line for Hive
  • Relative URI paths (Known Issue)
  • Object types Server and URI in
    show grant role <role name> on object <object name>
    (Known Issue)
  • ALTER and DROP privileges for Hive and Impala

In addition, as of CDH 6.0.x, Sentry policy files have been removed. See the Sentry Incompatible Changes for more information.

Apache Spark Unsupported Features

The following Spark features are not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

  • Apache Spark experimental features/APIs are not supported unless stated otherwise.
  • Using the JDBC Datasource API to access Hive or Impala is not supported
  • ADLS not Supported for All Spark Components. Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) is a cloud-based filesystem that you can access through Spark applications. Spark with Kudu is not currently supported for ADLS data. (Hive on Spark is available for ADLS in CDH 5.12 and higher.)
  • IPython / Jupyter notebooks is not supported. The IPython notebook system (renamed to Jupyter as of IPython 4.0) is not supported.
  • Certain Spark Streaming features not supported. The mapWithState method is unsupported because it is a nascent unstable API.
  • Thrift JDBC/ODBC server is not supported
  • Spark SQL CLI is not supported
  • GraphX is not supported
  • SparkR is not supported
  • Structured Streaming is supported, but the following features of it are not:

    • Continuous processing, which is still experimental, is not supported
    • Stream static joins with HBase have not been tested and therefore are not supported
  • Spark cost-based optimizer (CBO) not supported
  • Dynamic partition overwrite mode (spark.sql.sources.partitionOverwriteMode=dynamic) is not supported
  • Running Spark on a host that is not managed by Cloudera Manager is not supported

Apache Sqoop Unsupported Features

The following Sqoop feature is not supported in CDH 6.3.x:

Cloudera Connector for Netezza

Cloudera Connector for Netezza is not supported in CDH 6.3.x