Java Requirements

Only 64 bit JDKs are supported. Cloudera Manager 6 and CDH 6 do not support JDK 7. Although JDK 7 is supported on all versions of CDH 5, a CDH 5.x cluster that is managed by Cloudera Manager 6.x must use JDK 8 on all cluster hosts. Oracle JDK 8 is supported in Cloudera Manager 6 and CDH 6. JDK 8 is also supported in CDH 5.3 and higher.

OpenJDK 8 is supported in Cloudera Enterprise 6.1.0 and higher, as well as Cloudera Enterprise 5.16.1 and higher. For installation and migration instructions, see Upgrading the JDK.

Applications compiled with JDK 7 are not supported on CDH 6. You must recompile your applications using JDK 8 before upgrading to CDH 6.

Oracle JDK 9 is not supported in any Cloudera Manager or CDH version.

Unless specifically excluded, Cloudera supports later updates to a major JDK release from the release that support was introduced. Cloudera excludes or removes support for select Java updates when security is jeopardized.

Running CDH nodes within the same cluster on different JDK releases is not supported. All cluster hosts must use the same JDK update level.

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Supported JDKs

Cloudera Enterprise Version Supported Oracle JDK Supported OpenJDK
5.3 -5.15 1.7, 1.8 none
5.16 and higher 5.x releases 1.7, 1.8 1.8
6.0 1.8 none
6.1 1.8 1.8
6.2 1.8 1.8
6.3 1.8 1.8, 11.0.3 or higher


All JDK 8 updates, from the minimum required version, are supported in Cloudera Enterprise 6 unless specifically excluded. Updates above the minimum that are not listed are supported but not tested. JDK 8 is required for Cloudera Manager 6 and CDH 6.

Oracle JDK 8 versions that are tested and recommended
Oracle JDK Version Notes
1.8u181 Recommended / Latest version tested
1.8u162 Recommended
1.8u141 Recommended
1.8u131 Recommended
1.8u121 Recommended
1.8u111 Recommended
1.8u102 Recommended
1.8u91 Recommended
1.8u74 Recommended
1.8u31 Minimum required
OpenJDK 8 versions that are tested and recommended
OpenJDK Version Notes
1.8u212 Recommended / Latest version tested
1.8u181 Minimum required

Cloudera tests only the OpenJDK builds that are provided by each operating system, and only the versions listed in the table above.