Known Issues in Cloudera Manager 6.3.4

Error reported when upgrading Cloudera Manager Agents

When upgrading to Cloudera Manager 6.3.4, you will see the following error when upgrading the Cloudera Manager Agents:
supervisord version 3.4.0 does not match with SCM version 6.3.4. You must hard restart the agent to switch to the right version of supervisord.

You should ignore or suppress this message. Do not restart the agents.

Cloudera Bug: ENGESC-5109

BDR - Hive restore failing during import

When the table filter used during hive cloud restore is different from the table filter used to create the hive cloud backup, the import step fails with the table not found error. Currently it impacts only the cloud restore scenario.

Products affected: Cloudera Manager

Releases affected:
  • Cloudera Manager 5.15, 5.16
  • Cloudera Manager 6.1.x
  • Cloudera Manager 6.2.x
  • Cloudera Manager 6.3.x

Users affected: BDR, Hive cloud restore, where restore uses a subset of tables from the exported tables

  • Limited, the hive cloud restore all tables works properly.
  • The hive cloud restore from the hive cloud backup created prior to Cloudera Manager 5.15 would work without any problem.
  • No other BDR functionality is affected.
Immediate action required:
  • Workaround: Not available. Importing specific tables would fail. Impoting ALL tables would continue to work properly.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade to a Cloudera Manager version containing the fix.

Addressed in release/refresh/patch: Cloudera Manager 7.0 and higher versions