Cloudera Manager and CDH Compatibility

Cloudera uses the following versioning convention: <major>.<minor>.<maintenance>. For example, if a cluster runs Cloudera Manager 6.0.0, the major version is 6, the minor version is 0, and the maintenance version is 0.

The Cloudera Manager <major> + <minor> version must always be equal to or greater than the CDH <major> + <minor> version. Older versions of Cloudera Manager might not support features in newer versions of CDH.

For example:
  • Cloudera Manager 5.12.0 can manage CDH 5.12.2 because the <minor> versions are equal. Cloudera Manager 5.12.0 cannot manage CDH 5.14.0 because the Cloudera Manager <minor> version, 12, is less than the CDH <minor> version, 14.
  • Cloudera Manager 6.x can manage clusters running CDH 5.7 up to CDH 5.16 and as long as the <major> + <minor> version of Cloudera Manager is equal or higher than the <major> + <minor> version of CDH.

For more information, see Supported Upgrade Paths.