Fixed Issues in Cloudera Manager 6.2.1

Fix empty page for BDR schedule history page

Fixed an issue where the Replication History page for BDR replication jobs involving cloud accounts (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure) did not render.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-50325

Telemetry Publisher does not decrypt the truststore password when doing "Test Altus Connection"

Fixed an issue where the Test Altus Connection command failed when SSL was enabled.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-50248

After renaming a cluster to \cluster\, any further attempt to rename the cluster results in a server error

The cluster/service rename feature did not work correctly in CM 6.2.0 and is now fixed.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-50167

Fix error handling in case of multithreaded Hive replication

Multi-threaded Hive replication introduced in CM 5.15 generated errors which could not be suppressed using the replication.hive.ignoreTableNotFound and replication.hive.igenoreDataBaseNotFound safety valves. This is now fixed so that the new errors can be suppressed.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49987

Status server port 9000 needs TLS version and cipher control

TLS version 1 is now disallowed on Cloudera Manager Agent status server port 9000.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49897

Broken links in cm_ext wiki (

Broken links under the cm_ext wiki ( are now fixed.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49825

Set a default for hive.exec.scratchdir for hive execution service

When using a virtual private cluster architecture, the scratch directories for Hive Server 2 are now located by default in the HDFS of the compute cluster.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49806

isHDFSUsingSSL needs to be set to true if autoTLS is enabled

When AutoTLS is enabled, and if Kerberos has already been setup, then an Configure Kerberos step appears when you try to create a regular cluster. In this step, the default value of the two ports, datanode transceiver port and datanode web port, are set to values below 1024. These default values are incorrect because these two port values need to be above 1024 for a secure Kerberized cluster. There was no way to configure these values correctly until now. The only work around previously was not to enable Kerberos during cluster creation.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49747

CM server incorrectly hard codes YARN safe container-executor binary group to "yarn"

Cloudera Manager will set the process group for the YARN executor (yarn-ce) to be the value that the YARN parameter "" is set to. The default is "yarn."

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49720

Some services show up as stale though no configurations are changed

Fixed an issue where compute clusters were indicating stale configurations in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console when no changes in the configuration have been made.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49698

Ephemeral Port Validation is causing a lot of configuration warnings to show up

In previous Cloudera Manager versions, setting a role config (e.g., HDFS DataNode HTTP Web UI Port) to an ephemeral port (e.g., 50010) would generate as many warnings as the number of DataNodes, which could not be suppressed. Now, only one warning is generated and the suppress button is available in the UI.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49646

Network perf detail result repeated

Fixed an issue that occurred when running "Inspect Network Performance" or "Inspect Cluster Network Performance" in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console. Links to log files were incorrectly repeated in the command output display.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49555

Hue WebHDFS HTTP port needs to default to base HDFS

For Virtual Private Clusters, a Hue service on a compute cluster will prefer setting the WebHDFS URL to a base cluster HDFS role over a local HDFS role. This is a new behavior.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49469

Disabled management web UI ports cause management roles to fail to start up after CM 6 upgrade

Fixed an issue where SMON and HMON services failed to start after disabling management web UI ports.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49111