New Features in Cloudera Navigator 6.0.0

Hive Metastore instances identified using UUIDs

Navigator used a combination of the Hive HMS database connection URL and driver name configuration values to uniquely identify the HMS and entities source from that HMS. This way of identifying the Hive source could change unexpectedly in cases where the database is migrated to another server.

Fresh installations of Navigator 6.x use the UUID in the metastore database as a unique identifier. In this way, multiple HMS instances can be uniquely identified even in cases where the data is coming from the same backing database.

For new installations, the Hive database UUID will identify the HMS sources. However, Navigator will continue to use the database URL as the Hive source identifier when deployments are upgraded from the Navigator from Cloudera Manager 5.x releases.

Cloudera Issue: NAV-4602

Preventing concurrent logins

An option is now available to limit the number of simultaneous sessions authenticated against the same user name. The property nav.max.concurrent.sessions takes an integer value as a limit; set the value to -1 (default) to turn off the limit. To change the default behavior, in Cloudera Manager, add the property with a new value to the "Navigator Metadata Server Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for" Restart the Navigator Metadata Server to apply the change.

Cloudera Issue: NAV-6020

Name and description lengths increased

This release increases the number of characters stored for entity names and descriptions in Navigator Metadata Server:

  • Name length was 40 characters and is now 500.
  • Description length was 500 and is now not limited.

Cloudera Issue: NAV-6228