Known Issues and Limitations in Cloudera Manager 6.3.3

The following sections describe known issues and limitations for Cloudera Manager 6.3.3:

Cloudera Manager 6.x issue with the service role Resume

If a selected service role on a node is restarted and fails, and the customer clicks the "Resume" button in Cloudera Manager, the service role on all of the nodes will be restarted concurrently.

Products affected: Cloudera Manager

Releases affected:
  • Cloudera Manager 5.5 and later
  • Cloudera Manager 6.0 until 6.3.3
  • Cloudera Manager 7.1.x

Users affected: Users with admin role in Cloudera Manager can impact end users of the service.

Impact:In production clusters this can result in a cluster-wide service outage; Already observed for the YARN service and the HDFS service in a few clusters.

Severity: High

Action required:
  • A workaround exists where instead of performing a restart we recommend performing a stop/start of the services.
  • Issue is fixed in CM-6.3.4, CM-7.2.1 and above.

Knowledge article: For the latest update on this issue see the corresponding Knowledge article: Cloudera Customer Advisory: Cloudera Manager 6.x issue with service role Resume

Upgrades to Cloudera Manager 6.3 Fail with Hive Cloud replication schedules

If you have any Hive Replication Schedules that replicate to a cloud destination, delete these replication schedules before continuing with the upgrade. You can re-create these Replication Schedules after the Cloudera Manager upgrade is complete.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-54117