Fixed Issues in Apache Hadoop YARN

Review the list of Hadoop YARN issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.11.

COMPX-7072: Backport YARN-8721 to fix node attribute issues when node is removed and then added back with same hostname.
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-7051: When YARN Nodemanagers are downscaled and then upscaled reusing the same hostnames, YARN will stop scheduling containers on these NodeManagers unless ResourceManager is restarted
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-6447: RM HA initial startup can randomly fail due to race conditions in ZKConfigurationStore
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-6143: CB changes is picked up and now adds Node Attributes config to YARN from the template
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-5689: Fix queue sort options in weight mode
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-5256: Allow to create empty dynamic auto creation enabled parent queue
Previously you had to create at least one static queue under the queue for which you wanted to enable the dynamic auto queue creation feature. It is no longer required, the feature can be enabled for a queue without any child queue as well.
COMPX-4890: Unable to delete a queue after unassigning a node label
When user tries to delete a queue a warning message displayed to indicate that queue can not be deleted without re-allocating the node-label capacity of the queue to be deleted.

Apache patch information

  • YARN-8721
  • YARN-10807
  • YARN-10869