Streams Messaging Manager

Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) is an operations monitoring and management tool that provides end-to-end visibility in an enterprise Apache Kafka environment. With SMM, you can gain clear insights about your Kafka clusters, understand the end-to-end flow of message streams from producers to topics to consumers and analyze the stream dynamics between producers and consumers using various filters. SMM also helps you troubleshoot your Kafka environment to identify bottlenecks, throughputs, consumer patterns, and traffic flow.

Monitoring Kafka Clusters
Describes how to use Streams Messaging Manager to monitor Apache Kafka clusters, producers, topics, brokers, and consumers.
Managing Alert Policies
Describes how to use Streams Messaging Manager to create, modify, and monitor alert policies and alerts.
Managing Topics
Describes how to create, moidify, and delete Kafka topics.
Monitoring End to End Latency
Describes how you can use Streams Messaging Manager to monitor end-to-end latency in topics. Use the latency feature to verify whether consumers are consuming the messages produced in a topic within the time SLA, identify the slow consuming applications that might occur due to an external or process bottleneck, and verify whether the consumers are consuming all the messages.