Known Issues in Flow Management

Learn about the known issues in Flow Management clusters, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

NiFi cannot connect to NiFi Registry
By default, NiFi is configured with a NiFi Registry client to interact with the NiFi Registry instance. The URL used to configure the Registry client may not be correct depending on your deployment model for CDP Public Cloud. For example:

If the URL is not correct, you may face "connect timed out" errors when interacting with NiFi Registry from the NiFi UI.

You can manually change the configuration of the client and provide the right FQDN of the management node of the DataHub cluster where the NiFi Registry instance is installed. To update the NiFi Registry client, go into the top right Actions menu, and select Controller Settings | Registry Clients. A correct URL will look similar to:
JDK versions mismatch
If doing a software only upgrade for your Flow Management DataHub clusters and if repairing one of the NiFi nodes after the upgrade, you may be in a situation where the JDK used by NiFi is not the same across the nodes. In such a case, this may cause issues in the NiFi UI and you may get an "Unexpected error" message.
Ensure that the same JDK is used across the NiFi nodes and if there is a JDK versions mismatch, manually upgrade the JDK to match the JDK version being installed on the node that has been repaired.
NiFi UI Performance considerations
A known issue in Chrome 92.x causes significant slowness in the NiFi UI and may lead to high CPU consumption. For more information, see the Chrome Known Issues documentation at 1235045.
Use another version of Chrome or a different browser.