CDP Private Cloud Data Services Software Requirements

This release ships with Cloudera Manager This new version of Cloudera Manager has the support to create and manage the ECS cluster. If you have an existing CDP Private Cloud Base cluster set up using an earlier version of Cloudera Manager, you must first upgrade Cloudera Manager to version

For more information about specific software requirments, see the Software Support Matrix for ECS.

Additionally, you must perform the following:

  • For CML, you must install nfs-utils in order to mount longhorn-nfs provisioned mounts. The nfs-utils package is required on every node of the ECS cluster. Run this command yum install nfs-utils to install nfs-utils.
  • If you have nodes with GPU, ensure that the GPU hosts have nVidia Drivers and nvidia-container-runtime installed. You must confirm that drivers are properly loaded on the host by executing the command nvidia-smi. You must also install the nvidia-container-toolkit package.
  • You must have a minimum of one agent node for ECS.
  • Set up Kerberos on these clusters using an Active Directory.
  • Enable TLS on the Cloudera Manager cluster for communication with components and services.
  • If you do not have entitlements, contact your Cloudera account team to get the necessary entitlements.
  • The default docker service uses /docker folder. Whether you wish to retain /docker or override /docker with any other folder, you must have a minimum of 300 GiB free space.
  • Ensure that all of the hosts in the ECS cluster have more than 300 GiB of free space in the /var/lib directory at the time of installation.
  • The cluster generates multiple hosts and host based routing is used in the cluster in order to route it to the right service. You must decide on a domain for the services which Cloudera Manager by default points to one of the host names on the cluster. However, during the installation, you should check the default domain and override the default domain (only if necessary) with what you plan to use as the domain. The default domain must have a wildcard DNS entry. For example, “*”.
  • You must install nvidia-container-toolkit. (nvidia-container-runtime migrated to nvidia-container-toolkit , see Migration Notice.) The steps for this are shown in the NVIDIA Installation Guide. If using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), use dnf to install the package. For an example with RHEL 8.7, see Installing the NVIDIA Container Toolkit.
  • Python 3.8 is required for Cloudera Manager version and higher versions. Cloudera Manager agents will not start unless Python 3.8 is installed on the cluster nodes.