Additional Usage Notes

This topic provides additional usage notes commands in a RPM-based deployments.

Changes to cdsw.conf: Make sure cdsw.conf is consistent across all Cloudera Data Science Workbench hosts. Any changes made to the file must be copied over to all the other hosts.
  • Master Host - Changes to the JAVA_HOME, MASTER_IP, DOCKER_BLOCK_DEVICES, and APPLICATION_BLOCK_DEVICE parameters in cdsw.conf require a re-initialization of the master host. [DSE-1228]
    cdsw stop
    cdsw start
    Changes to other cdsw.conf parameters such as domain name changes, or TLS and HTTP proxy changes, require a restart of the application components.
    cdsw restart
  • Worker Host - Changes to cdsw.conf on a worker host, require a restart of the worker host as follows:
    cdsw stop
    cdsw join