Add Docker Registry Credentials

To enable CDSW to fetch custom engines from a secure repository, as Administrator you need to add Docker registry credentials.

  1. Create a kubectl secret named regcred for your secured Docker registry.
    The following command creates the secret in your Kubernetes cluster:
    kubectl create secret docker-registry regcred 
    --docker-server=<server host> --docker-username=<username> 
    --docker-password=<password> -n <compute namespace eg. default>
  2. Retrieve the above secret as a yaml file by entering the following:
    kubectl get secret regcred --output=yaml -n 
    <compute namespace eg. default> > k8s-secret-regcred.yaml
  3. Place the yaml file in the master node located at /etc/cdsw/patches.
    Set the file visibility for root only.
  4. Restart CDSW service to pick up the new secret.
  5. Launch a Session>Model>Job>Experiment using the engine image from the secured Docker registry.