Issues Fixed in Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.7.2

The current release of Cloudera Data Science Workbench includes fixes for bugs.

  • Fixed an issue on multi-node CDSW 1.7.1 deployments where the CDSW Web UI would not automatically come up after upgrading to CDSW 1.7.1

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-9587

  • Fixed an issue where environmental variables set at the site admin level and at the project level would not get passed down to experiments and models at container build time.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-6708

  • Fixed an issue where new users could not log in when the Require invitation to sign up checkbox was enabled.

    Additionally, the Test LDAP Configuration form did not return any error message if the user being tested wasn't already synced to the local CDSW database.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-3829

  • Fixed an issue where license files could not be uploaded to CDSW through the UI.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-9874, DSE-8865