Issues Fixed in Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.3.0

The current release of Cloudera Data Science Workbench includes fixes for bugs.

  • Fixed an issue where the cdsw status command failed to run all the required system checks.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-3070

  • Session lists now include additional metadata to help distinguish between different sessions.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-2814

  • Pre-install validation checks have been improved to detect issues with iptables modules and Java settings.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-2293

  • Fixed an issue with the cdsw status command output when TLS is enabled.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-3182

  • CDS 2.2 Release 2 fixes the issue where a PySpark application could only be run once per active Workbench session.

    Cloudera Bug: CDH-58475

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Bokeh plots from rendering.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-3134

  • Fixed an issue in Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.2.2 that prevented WebSocket re-connections and caused the console to stop responding.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-3085

  • Improved CDSW service restart performance for CSD deployments.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-2937