API v2

Known issues with AMPs.

  • Limitation: search_filter is not being applied on Apiv2/python calls.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-18804

  • Custom project templates created by an Administrator are not supported by API v2.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-18758

  • Jobs configured via API v2 can only be set to send email notifications on success events.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-18754

  • Job creation with invalid fields can cause the created client to fail running further and provide 502 responses going forward.

    Workaround: Stop the code execution and recreate the client.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-18753

  • Using API v2 workloads can be created to use Python2 kernels, even though site administration has disabled python2 support on the UI.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-18744

  • Authorization header is not passed to some endpoint calls

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-18703