Crashes and stops responding

Known issues with crashes and unresponsive behaviours.

  • The CDSW terminal remains active even after the CDSW web session times out.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-12064

  • The CDSW web UI might freeze while updating the job schedule to Dependant if there is no other job to be depended on.

  • Third-party security and orchestration software (such as McAfee, Tanium, Symantec) can sometimes prevent CDSW from restarting correctly

    Workaround: Disable all third-party security agents on CDSW hosts, start or restart CDSW, and then when CDSW is running, re-enable the security software.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-8550, DSE-14287

  • High I/O utilization on the application block device can cause the application to stall or become unresponsive. Users should read and write data directly from HDFS rather than staging it in their project directories.