Enabling Custom Quotas for Specific Users

This section shows you how to enable custom quotas for specific users on your CDSW deployment. You can use this feature to help certain users who regularly require more resources than the defaults set in the previous section. Any custom values set here will override the default quotas.

Required Role: Site Administrator
To enable custom quotas:
  1. Log into Cloudera Data Science Workbench with site administrator privileges.
  2. Click Admin > Quotas.
  3. Under the Custom Quota section, click Add Custom Quota.
  4. Enter the Username, CPU, Memory, and GPU values that apply to the custom quota. Then click Add.
    You can use a decimal floating point value (x.01) only for the CPU and Memory settings, not for GPUs.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to add custom quotas as needed.
    You can also duplicate an existing custom quota setting for a new user. Click the vertical ellipses at the end of the custom quota row and choose Duplicate, specify a new username, and click Add.
    Enabling custom quotas will only affect new workloads. If users have already scheduled workloads that exceed the new quota limits, those will continue to run uninterrupted. If a user is over their limit, they will not be able to schedule any more workloads.