Custom AMP Catalog

An AMP catalog is a collection of AMPs that can be added to a workspace as a group. Cloudera Data Science Workbench ships with the Cloudera AMP catalog, containing AMPs developed by Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, but you can also create and add your own catalog, containing AMPs developed by your organization.

To create an AMP catalog, you need to create a YAML file called the catalog file. This file is hosted on GitHub or another git server. This could be either a public or a private git server.

The catalog file contains information about each AMP in the catalog, and provides a link to the AMP repository itself. The catalog file specification is shown in Catalog File Specification.

You can also look at the Cloudera catalog file for an example. To view the file, click directly on the URL for Cloudera in Catalog Sources.

For more details on creating the AMPs that you will include in your catalog, see Creating New AMPs.

One use case you might consider is creating a fork of the Cloudera AMP catalog, in order to host it internally. In this case, you will need to edit the URLs in the catalog and project metadata files to point to the appropriate internal resources.