If you see issues occurring when Cloudera Data Science Workbench is attempting to start the model, use the following guidelines to begin troubleshooting.

  • Make sure your model code works in a workbench session. To do this, launch a new session, run your model file, and then interactively call your target function with the input object. For a simple example, see the Model Quickstart.

  • Ensure that you do not have any syntax errors. For python, make sure you have the kernel with the appropriate python version (Python 2 or Python 3) selected for the syntax you have used.

  • Make sure that your file provides a complete set of dependencies. Dependencies manually installed during a session on the workbench are not carried over to your model. This is to ensure a clean, isolated, build for each model.

  • If your model accesses resources such as data on the CDH cluster or an external database make sure that those resources can accept the load your model may exert on them.