Upgrading CDSW 1.7.2 or higher from CDH 6 to CDP Private Cloud Base 7.x

The following general outline describes how to upgrade your Cloudera Data Science Workbench cluster from CDH 6 to CDP Private Cloud Base. Refer to the relevant linked Cloudera Manager and CDH upgrade documentation for detailed steps required for this procedure.

The first restart of CDSW after an upgrade can take up to 30 to 50 minutes. This process can take longer depending on the CDSW internet connection.
  1. Before upgrading to 1.10, if you are using LDAPs, make sure the certificate uses a key of at least 2048 bits.
    If CDSW is configured to talk to an LDAP server for authentication, and that LDAP connection is over https, and the certificate uses a 1024 bit RSA key, connection attempts will fail and no one will be able to log in.
  2. Migrate CDSW from RPM to CPD: see the instructions to migrate to CDP files.
  3. Download the correct CDSW CDP files for CDP Private Cloud Base.
    The correct CDP file names are:
    • For CDP Private Cloud Base: CLOUDERA_DATA_SCIENCE_WORKBENCH_CDPDC_1.x.y.jar
  4. Upgrade cluster from CDH 6 to CDP Private Cloud Base 7.x:
    1. Stop Cloudera Data Science Workbench.
    2. Log on to the Cloudera Manager Server host.
    3. Place the CDP files in /opt/cloudera/csd.
      This is the default location for CDP files. The cds file name reflects the older name for this file.
    4. Restart Cloudera Manager Server.
    5. Upgrade to Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.7.2 (or higher). During the upgrade process, as you install, distribute, and activate the new parcel, take care to ensure that both CDSW CDP files (for CDH 6 and CDP Private Cloud Base) are present on the Cloudera Manager Server host.
    6. Upgrade CDP Private Cloud Base based on the CDP Private Cloud Base upgrade documentation.
    7. Remove any existing CDH 6 CDPs from the Cloudera Manager Server host. This step is optional.
    8. Restart Cloudera Data Science Workbench.