User Roles

Currently, Cloudera Data Science Workbench has two deployment-wide specialised user role: site administrator and business user. All other roles are created within the scope of a particular team or project and do not affect the rest of the deployment.

Site Administrators
Site administrators are superusers who have complete access to all activity on the deployment. By default, the first user account that signs up for Cloudera Data Science Workbench becomes a site administrator. They can add/invite more users, disable existing users, assign site administrator privileges to others, and so on. For instructions, see Managing Your Personal Account.
Grants permission to list Cloudera Machine Learning workspaces for a given CDP environment. MLBusinessUsers are able to only view applications deployed under the projects that they have been added to as a Business User.
Roles within Teams and Projects
Within the context of each team and project, users can be assigned Viewer, Operator, Contributor, or Admin roles. These roles are only applicable within the limited scope of the team/project. More details on the privileges associated with each of these roles are included in the Creating Teams and Project Collaborators topics respectively.