Apache Hive content roadmap

The content roadmap provides links to the available content resources for Apache Hive.

Table 1. Apache Hive Content roadmap
Task Resources Source Description

Presentations and Papers about Hive

Apache wiki Contains meeting notes, presentations, and whitepapers from the Apache community.
Getting Started

Hive Tutorial

Apache wiki Provides a basic overview of Apache Hive and contains some examples on working with tables, loading data, and querying and inserting data.
Developing Materialized Views Apache wiki Covers accelerating query processing in data warehouses by pre-computing summaries using materialized views.
JdbcStorageHandler Apache wiki Describes how to read from a JDBC data source in Hive.
Hive transactions Apache wiki Describes ACID operations in Hive.
Hive Streaming API Apache wiki Explains how to use an API for pumping data continuously into Hive using clients such as NiFi and Flume.
Hive Operators and Functions Apache wiki Describes the Language Manual UDF.
Beeline: HiveServer2 Client Apache wiki Describes how to use the Beeline client.
Reference SQL Language Manual Apache wiki Language reference documentation available in the Apache wiki.

Hive Developer FAQ

Apache wiki Resources available if you want to contribute to the Apache community.
How to Contribute Apache wiki
Hive Developer Guide Apache wiki
Plug-in Developer Kit Apache wiki
Unit Test Parallel Execution Apache wiki
Hive Architecture Overview Apache wiki
Hive Design Docs Apache wiki

Project Bylaws

Apache wiki