Creating a Hue user in Cloudera Data Warehouse

You can create new Hue users and superusers from the Hue web UI and assign them to groups so that they can view and access Hue as per the permissions granted to them.

  1. Log in to Hue as a superuser.
  2. From the left assist panel, point your cursor to the user profile icon and click Administer Users.
  3. On the User Admin page, click Add user.
  4. On the Step 1. Credentials (required) tab on the Create user page, specify the username and password and select the Create home directory option if you want to create a separate Hue home directory for this user.
  5. Go to the Step 2. Profile and Groups tab.
  6. Enter the first and last name of the user, their email address, and add them to the required groups.
    A user can be a part of more than one group.
  7. Go to the Step 3. Advanced tab.
  8. Ensure that the user is active by selecting the Active option.
  9. Optional: If you want to make this user a superuser, then select the Superuser status option.
  10. Click Add user.
    The new user is displayed on the Users page.