Startup of EFM with encrypted properties

Learn how to start up Edge Flow Manager (EFM) after you encrypt a single sensitive property or multiple sensitive properties.

After you set the encrypted properties in the file described in Encryption of a single property or Encryption of multiple properties section, you need to provide your secret key to EFM at startup. There are two ways to provide the secret key; directly through a property or through a file:
  • You can set the secret key directly through a property in the following ways:
    • As a command line argument: ./bin/

    • As a Java system property:

    • As an Operating System environment variable: export EFM_PROPERTY_ENCRYPTOR_PASSWORD=secretKey

    • As a key value pair in the file:

  • You can set the secret key through a file in the following way:

    Provide the path to the secret key file in the property:<path-to-file>