Scenario: Heartbeat interval for agent class

Learn how you can control the the heartbeat interval in agent class level and resolve issues.

There is an agent class which contains agents deployed in the new department where all the hardware and network performance are beyond the rest of the system and heartbeat is configured to 5s on those agents.

Max heartbeat interval can be configured on class level by using the following parameter: efm.monitor.maxHeartbeatIntervalForClass.[ClassA]=10s

The following chart shows you how EFM considers an agent healthy based on these settings:


So, you can introduce stricter expectations. You set efm.monitor.maxHeartbeatIntervalForClass.[ClassA]=6s. So, with inQueuedStateTimeoutHeartbeatRate=8, EFM waits only 48 seconds before timing out an operation and notifies you about the issue.