Agent class roles policies

Learn about the different policies of an agent class that you can assign to users, and understand the specific functions of each policy.

Policies are linked to agent classes, and EFM currently supports three roles:
  • A Viewer can view designs and monitor events for the assigned agent class, but can not edit or publish the flows. Essentially, viewers cannot make any modifications in the system.
  • A Designer can view and edit designs, monitor events for the assigned agent class, but cannot publish flows.
  • An Operator can monitor events, publish designs for the assigned agent class (without editing), and can modify flow and parameter mappings.
Depending on the use case, it is possible to have multiple roles for the same user. For example, if you do not want to differentiate between a designer and an operator for a given agent class (you want the same person to edit and publish the flow), you can do that by assigning both roles to the user. The following image shows that one user can have multiple roles on the same agent class:

The flow designs and event lists are filtered based on authorization. So, only those items are visible, which are related to the agent class the user is assigned to. In the following case, only Class A is visible as roles are assigned only to Class A for this user (though Class B and Class C exist as well for this user).

The following image shows that the users with viewer or designer roles can not publish a flow, as the Publish option is disabled:

The following image shows that users with viewer or operator roles can not edit the flow, as all configurations are disabled;

The following image shows that users with operator role can view and publish the flow but not edit: