Overview of agent parameters in CEM

Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) is an edge management solution for IoT and streaming use cases. You can use CEM to manage, control, monitor thousands of MiNiFi agents deployed at the edge. Parameters provide the ability to parameterize the values of processors and service properties in the flow including sensitive properties. You can create and configure parameters within the CEM UI.

CEM helps customers to work on TechOps or IoT type use cases. The challenges with IoT are around edge management like the inability to control and manage edge agents, difficulty in collecting real-time data from edge devices directly and most importantly, the trouble with updating specific sets of agents with edge applications. CEM addresses those challenges. CEM paves the way for transformative solutions across IoT initiatives across multiple industry verticals.

By using CEM you can manage numerous use cases. Here is a list of examples:
  • Monitoring oil rig data
  • Trucking system
  • Laptop tracking
  • Monitoring oil refinery data

In this section we will describe two scenarios where you can use parameters.

In the first scenario, we will describe how to create a single flow, parameterize numerous agent IDs, and track data.

In the second scenario, we will describe how to create a single flow, parameterize the log location, and collect data when log location changes.