Refreshing the agent manifest for existing flows

After upgrading agents that already have a flow defined for their agent class, the changes in the manifest (version and processor updates) are not instantly reflected in the existing flows. To make these changes appear, you must refresh the manifest using the Refresh Manifest option available in the EFM Flow Designer.

  • Unforeseen issues can arise when refreshing the agent manifest. As a result, Cloudera recommends that you export the original flow definition before you continue with this task. You can export the flow definition with the REST API using the GET /designer/{agentClassName}/flows/export operation and endpoint. For more information, see Exporting and importing dataflows in CEM.
  • Update all agents belonging to the same agent class. Inconsistencies between agent configuration can lead to issues with flow execution.
  1. In EFM, go to Design.
  2. Select the flow that belongs to the updated class and click Open.
  3. Click Actions > Refresh Manifest….
    If there are new manifest definitions available for the class, the latest is used. Additionally, the differences between the existing and new manifest definition is presented to you in a modal window. The modal window only lists newly added or removed processors and controller services. Version differences are not highlighted. This is because version differences are applicable to all processors following an upgrade. Here is an example:
  4. Review the changes and click Refresh.
    The manifest is automatically refreshed after you click Refresh. All existing processors and services are updated in the flow. Any new processors and services become available in the list.
  5. Update component parameters if there were any changes.
    Component parameter changes, for example, name changes, introduction of new parameters, and so on, must be corrected before publishing.
  6. Publish the updated flow.
The agent manifest for the selected flow is refreshed. New agent capabilities are reflected in the manifest.