Agent details in CEM

Learn how to check individual agent details, view the alerts, view the configurations, check the status, and follow the history of the triggered commands.

To access the agent details, click the View Agent Details icon () in the extreme right of the given agent’s row. A dialog appears with the Metrics tab as the first tab, as shown in the following image:

Metrics tab

In the Information panel, you get a general overview of the agent status, deployed flow version, and other useful device information. You can reach the agent class details or the designer of the given agent class if you click on the given element.

The Repositories panel provides usage details of the repositories of the selected agent (where applicable).

The Connection Queues panel displays all of the connections used in the given agent along with its metrics.

Alerts tab

The Alerts tab display alerts from the past hours. Here you can monitor, for example, if there was no heartbeat from the agent for a specific time, or when it became available again. To view all alerts, click the View all alerts link.

Commands tab

In the Commands tab, you can check the last 20 commands and their statuses which were sent to the agent. You can configure the number of displayed items through the efm.agentManager.commands.displayLimit property in the file.

The details view may vary depending on the type of the command. For example, for Configuration Edit command, you can check the affected property name, as shown in the following image:

If no update was required on the agent and the given agent had the new value already, then you see the The execution of the command was not required as the agent was already in the desired state. message, as shown in the following image:

For debug requests, you are prompted with a Download Logs button to download the debug bundle retrieved from the agent, as shown in the following image:

Configuration tab

The property configuration of an agent can be reviewed on the Configuration tab if the selected agent supports this functionality. Properties displayed can be filtered by both name and value. The following image shows the Configuration tab:

CEM also supports editing properties at agent class level. For more information, see Monitoring deployments in CEM.

Debug Agent button

The debug command functionality allows you to collect debug information from agents utilizing the C2 protocol. For more information, see Debug agent in CEM.