Upgrading MiNiFi Java agents from 1.x to 2.x

Learn how to upgrade your MiNiFi Java agents.

  1. Stop the previous MiNiFi instance.
  2. Unpack the new assembly.
  3. Copy the following files from the conf directory of the previous instance to the conf directory of the new instance:
    • agent-identifier
    • device-identifier (if it exists, generated for some platforms only)
  4. Download and unpack the minifi-toolkit.
  5. Navigate to the minifi-toolkit directory and issue the following command.
    bin/config.sh transform-yml <previous_minifi_instance_directory>/conf/config.yml <previous_minifi_instance_directory>/conf/bootstrap.conf <new_minifi_instance_directory>/conf/flow.json.raw <new_minifi_instance_directory>/conf/bootstrap.conf
  6. Migrate the following directories to the root of the new instance.
    • content_repository
    • flowfile_repository
    • provenance_repository
    • state
  7. Start the new MiNiFi instance.
  8. Once the new instance is validated, you can remove the previous one.