Understand your deployment scenario

There are two main CFM 2.0.1 installation scenarios and it is helpful to understand the difference between them before you get started with your CFM deployment.

Install NiFi on a base cluster

A Base cluster, sometimes also called a Regular cluster in Cloudera Manager, is a large cluster that contains SDX services like Ranger and Atlas, as well as compute and storage services like NiFi, Impala, and Hive.

Installing NiFi on your Base cluster is a simplified deployment during which you create only one cluster. You can do this if you are deploying one cluster in trial deployments or in simple production scenarios.

Install NiFi on a compute cluster

A Compute cluster consists exclusively of compute nodes. A Compute cluster is then connected to a Base cluster with SDX services like Ranger and Atlas, using a Shared Data Context.

Installing NiFi on a Compute cluster is recommended when you want to deploy multiple NiFi clusters for larger scale production deployments, when you want to isolate your dataflows, when you want to have different authorization models per dataflow, and other similar deployment scenarios.

Review CFM deployment workflow to understand the steps required for each scenario.