Deleting a Cloudera Data Engineering resource using the CLI

A resource in Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) is a named collection of files or other resources referenced by a job, including application code, configuration files, or any other arbitrary files required by a job. A resource can also be a Python virtual environment, or a custom Docker container image. Resources can be deleted using the CLI.

  • Make sure that you have downloaded and configured the CLI client.
  • Make sure that the resource you are deleting is no longer needed for any jobs. (Resources cannot be deleted if they are referenced in one or more jobs)
  1. Run cde resource describe --name <resource_name>. View the output and confirm that the resource you want to delete is no longer required, and does not contain any files that you need to retain.
  2. Delete the resource by running cde resource delete --name <resource_name>
  3. Verify that the resource is deleted by running cde resource list and confirming that the resource is no longer listed.