Assigning a Workload XM System Admin Access Role

Steps for assigning a System Admin access role to your Workload XM users.

Describes how to assign a Workload XM Role Based Access (RBAC) role for a system administrator. This access role has full access rights and system administrator privileges across all clusters within the Workload XM environment and can create your Workload XM Cluster Policies that define your access roles.
This task assumes that you have:
  • Enabled role based access in Cloudera Manager.
  • Created a default systems administrator, also known as a default super user, in Cloudera Manager.
  1. In a supported web browser log in to Workload XM as the user with default systems administrator privileges.
  2. From the Workload XM Navigation side-bar, select Access Management.
  3. In the Access Management page, click New Cluster Policy.
    The Create Cluster Policy page opens.
  4. Do one or more of the following:
    1. In the Groups field, enter the name of the LDAP administration group account whose users will be assigned this cluster policy's access role.
    2. In the Users field, enter the user name or user names who will be assigned this cluster policy's access role.
  5. From the Assign Roles list, select System Admin.
  6. Click Create.
The Successfully created access policy message appears when the Cluster Policy is created and the policy is displayed in the Access Management’s home page.