Correcting the Virtual Warehouse size

The size of the Virtual Warehouse you select during Virtual Warehouse creation determines the number of executors and concurrent queries the Virtual Warehouse can run. You need to know how to change the size of the Virtual Warehouse upward or downward to tune performance and manage cost.

You cannot change the size of a Virtual Warehouse, but you can handle incorrect sizing in the following ways.
  • You can delete the Virtual Warehouse, and then recreate it in a different size.
  • You can change the auto-scaling thresholds to change the effective size of the Virtual Warehouse based on demand. The actual size does not change, but increases or decreases in resources occurs automatically.

This task assumes you have two Virtual Warehouses that you decide are incorrectly sized for some reason. You correct the sizing of one by deleting and recreating the Virtual Warehouse. You correct the effective sizing of the other by changing auto-scaling thresholds.

  • You obtained the DWAdmin role.
First Virtual Warehouse: Replace this Virtual Warehouse
  1. Log in to the CDP web interface, navigate to Data Warehouse > Overview, note the name of the Virtual Warehouse you want to modify, and note which Database Catalog it is configured to access.
  2. In the Virtual Warehouse you want to delete, click Suspend to stop running it.

  3. Click the options of the Virtual Warehouse you want to delete, and select Delete.
  4. Click Virtual Warehouses > Add New.
  5. Set up the new Virtual Warehouse:
    • Type the same Name for the new Virtual Warehouse as you used for the old Virtual Warehouse.
    • In Type, click the SQL engine you prefer: Hive or Impala.
    • Select your Database Catalog and User Group if you have been assigned a user group.
    • In Size, select the number of executors, for example xsmall-2Executors.
    • Accept default values for other settings, or change the values to suit your use case.

      Click for information about settings.

  6. Click Create.
Second Virtual Warehouse: Change the Auto-Scaling Thresholds
  1. In Data Warehouse > Overview, click the options of the other Virtual Warehouse, a Hive Virtual Warehouse for example, to change auto-scaling thresholds, and select Edit.
  2. In Sizing and Scaling, in Concurrency Autoscaling, slide the control to change the Max number of executors.
  3. Click Apply Changes.