Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud

This section lists issues fixed in this release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service.

DWX-14281: Configuration changes to Database Catalogs are not applied
Earlier, when you tried to change Database Catalog configurations from the CDW UI, the changes were not applied. This issue has been fixed.
DWX-15869: Database Catalog edit page does not load
Earlier, if the Trusted Kerberos Realms configuration on the base cluster's Core Settings service was non-empty, or if the Additional Rules to Map Kerberos Principals to Short Names field (auth_to_local_rule property) contained the following characters: \, ", \t, \n, \b, and \f, then the CDW Database Catalog and Virtual Warehouse edit page did not load. This issue has been fixed.
DWX-13362: Queries containing simple SELECT statements get cached
Earlier, a query such as SELECT * FROM planes LIMIT 2; used to get cached. This issue has been fixed.