Files Installed by the Flume RPM and Debian Packages




Configuration Directory



Configuration File


This configuration will be picked-up by the flume agent startup script.

Template of User Customizable Configuration File


Contains a sample config. To use this configuration you should copy this file onto /etc/flume-ng/conf/flume.conf and then modify as appropriate

Template of User Customizable environment file


If you want modify this file, copy it first and modify the copy

Daemon Log Directory


Contains log files generated by flume agent

Default Flume Home


Provided by RPMS and DEBS

Flume Agent startup script


Provided by RPMS and DEBS

Recommended tar.gz Flume Home


Recommended but installation dependent

Flume Wrapper Script


Called by the Flume Agent startup script

Flume Agent configuration file


Allows you to specify non-default values for the agent name and for the configuration file location