Configuring HttpFS

When you install HttpFS from an RPM or Debian package, HttpFS creates all configuration, documentation, and runtime files in the standard Unix directories, as follows.

Type of File

Where Installed






for SLES: /usr/share/doc/packages/hadoop-httpfs/


for other platforms: /usr/share/doc/hadoop-httpfs/







PID file


Configuring the HDFS HttpFS Will Use

HttpFS reads the HDFS configuration from the core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml files in /etc/hadoop/conf/. If necessary edit those files to configure the HDFS HttpFS will use.

Configuring the HttpFS Proxy User

Edit core-site.xml and define the Linux user that will run the HttpFS server as a Hadoop proxy user. For example:


Then restart Hadoop to make the proxy user configuration active.

Configuring HttpFS with Kerberos Security

To configure HttpFS with Kerberos Security, see HttpFS Authentication.