Using Sentry to Manage Table Access in Hue

This video walks you through the steps to grant a user privileges to view a table in Hue. It shows you how to perform the following tasks:
  1. View the Sentry admin groups in Cloudera Manager.
  2. Log onto Hue for the first time from Cloudera Manager.
  3. Create users in Hue.
  4. Run SELECT commands in Hue to view tables.
  5. Use a CREATE ROLE statement to create a role.
  6. Use a GRANT ROLE statement to map a role to a group.
  7. Use a GRANT statement to grant privileges to a role.
Using Sentry to Manage Table Access in Hue

The Hue Guide contains additional information about using Hue. For more information about the SQL statements used in the video, see Hive SQL Syntax for Use with Sentry.