Activity, Application, and Query Reports

The Reports page contains links for displaying metrics on the following types of activities in your cluster:
  • Disk usage
  • MapReduce jobs
  • YARN applications
  • Impala queries
  • HBase tables and namespaces

To view the Reports page, click Clusters > ClusterName > Reports. You can generate a report to view aggregate job activity per hour, day, week, month, or year, by user or for all users.

  1. Click the Start Date and End Date fields and choose a date from the date control.
  2. In the Report Period drop-down, select the period over which you want the metrics aggregated. Default is Daily.
  3. Click Generate Report.

For weekly reports, the Date column indicates the year and week number (for example, 2013-01 through 2013-52). For monthly reports, the Date column indicates the year and month by number (2013-01 through 2013-12).