Installing MapReduce Tools for use with Cloudera Search

Cloudera Search provides the ability to batch index documents using MapReduce jobs. To use the MapReduce tools, solr-mapreduce must be installed on hosts where you want to submit a batch indexing job.

By default, this tool is included with Cloudera Search when you have installed CDH using parcels in a Cloudera Manager deployment. If you are using a package-based installation and this tool does not exist on your system, you can install it using the commands described in this topic.

To install solr-mapreduce On RHEL systems:
$ sudo yum install solr-mapreduce
To install solr-mapreduce on Ubuntu and Debian systems:
$ sudo apt-get install solr-mapreduce
To install solr-mapreduce on SLES systems:
$ sudo zypper install solr-mapreduce

For information on using MapReduce to batch index documents, see the MapReduce Indexing.