Hive Installation

Using Hive data in HBase is a common task. See Importing Data Into HBase.

For information about Hive on Spark, see Running Apache Hive on Spark in CDH.

Use the following sections to install, update, and configure Hive.

Apache Hive is a powerful data warehousing application for Hadoop. It enables you to access your data using HiveQL, a language similar to SQL.

Install Hive on your client machine(s) from which you submit jobs; you do not need to install it on the nodes in your Hadoop cluster. As of CDH 5, Hive supports HCatalog which must be installed separately.


HiveServer2 is an improved version of HiveServer that supports a Thrift API tailored for JDBC and ODBC clients, Kerberos authentication, and multi-client concurrency. The CLI for HiveServer2 is Beeline.