Enabling Kerberos Authentication Using the Wizard

Required Role: Cluster Administrator or Full Administrator

Cloudera Manager provides a wizard for integrating your organization's Kerberos instance with your cluster to provide authentication services.

Kerberos must already be deployed in your organization and the Kerberos key distribution center (KDC) must be ready to use, with a realm established. For Hue and Oozie, the Kerberos realm must support renewable tickets.

Cloudera Manager clusters can be integrated with MIT Kerberos or with Microsoft Active Directory:

For Active Directory, you must have administrative privileges to the Active Directory instance for initial setup and for on-going management, or you will need to have the help of your AD administrator prior to and during the integration process. For example, administrative access is needed to access the Active Directory KDC, create principals, and troubleshoot Kerberos TGT/TGS-ticket-renewal and take care of any other issues that may arise.

Kerberos client OS-specific packages must be installed on all cluster hosts and client hosts that will authenticate using Kerberos.
OS Packages Required
RHEL 7 Compatible, RHEL 6 Compatible, RHEL 5 Compatible
  • openldap-clients on the Cloudera Manager Server host
  • krb5-workstation, krb5-libs on ALL hosts
  • openldap2-client on the Cloudera Manager Server host
  • krb5-client on ALL hosts
Ubuntu or Debian
  • ldap-utils on the Cloudera Manager Server host
  • krb5-user on ALL hosts
  • krb5-workstation, krb5-libs on ALL hosts
See Before you Begin Using the Wizard for more information.

Cloudera supports the Kerberos version that ships with each supported operating system listed in CDH and Cloudera Manager Supported Operating Systems.